Christmas – God is seeking human

“For Jesus, what matters above all is reaching out to save those far off, healing the wounds of the sick, restoring everyone to God’s family! And this is scandalous to some people! Jesus is not afraid of this kind of scandal! He does not think of the closed-minded who are scandalized even by a work of healing, scandalized before any kind of openness, by any action outside of their mental and spiritual boxes, by any caress or sign of tenderness which does not fit into their usual thinking and their ritual purity.” /Pope Francis/

On almost every page of the Gospel, Jesus breaks traditions and religious prescriptions, respectability, and social conventions. He performs actions that scandalize the self-righteous, the so-called “pure,” those who shield themselves with norms and rules to distance, reject, and close doors. On almost every page of the Gospel, we see the doctors of the law trying to corner the Master with tendentious questions, then muttering indignantly at His freedom overflowing with mercy: “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them!”

These “discarded” encountered His gaze and felt loved, recipients of an embrace of mercy given to them without any precondition.

“The Church is not a tollhouse; it is the house of the Father, where there is a place for everyone, with all their problems.” /EG 47/

With his birth, Jesus is sending a message that God has revealed himself in the rejected and the despised, that every person has dignity and that every human being is valuable and important to God.