Everyone in Ibolelo was overjoyed because I had brought with me the football and pump sent by the students of Sesvete Grammar School.

Had this been the only reason for my trip to Zambia, it would have been worth it. There was so much joy in seeing a proper football and playing with it for the first time. Last year, we played football together with a rag ball, and this year with a proper, leather one… Priceless… After the game, it was time to cool off in the river. The water level was low due to the drought, so the risk of a crocodile attack was also low. 

Dear Sesvete Grammar School students, we wish you a successful new academic year. Sadly, due to famine, the children of Ibolelo are unable to attend school at the moment. Inspired by the great joy brought about by the new football gifted to them by the students of Sesvete Grammar School, the children of Ibolelo wanted to offer the ball and the pump at the mass as a gift and thanks to God, and they prayed with all their hearts for their Croatian peers, the students of Sesvete Grammar School.