After Samisisi, we visited the Mboma mission station, which is the most remote area in the Nawinda mission. The drive from Nawinda to Mboma takes approximately 4 hours, and you can see in the video what the “roads” are like. In this area, nights are extremely cold – so cold that there is sometimes frost, which makes fruit a rarity.

In Mboma, I visited the community school. This school is currently attended by 180 students from the 1st to the 7th grade, which makes it a primary school. Petar is the only teacher for all classes, and he is also the parish animator. Community schools are not state schools; they are mainly founded by missionaries. The state recognizes them, but does not pay the teachers’ salaries. Only a person with a teaching licence can work as a teacher in such schools. There are about a dozen such schools in our father Boris’ missions, and three more are being founded. All of these schools were founded by father Boris. He assists teachers in completing their education and obtaining their teaching license through scholarships provided by kind people. He also pays the salaries of the 15 teachers who work in such schools, thanks to good people’s help and generosity. If these schools did not exist, thousands of children would be illiterate and unable to receive a basic education.