International Day of the Girl Child – 11 October

The day was launched to draw attention to the pressing problem of discrimination against girls and the violence committed against them worldwide, and to inspire the international community to work to ensure that their human rights are respected. The goal of this day is to encourage everyone to advocate the availability of education and healthcare for all girls, whose rights are under threat in many parts of the world. The day aims to inspire us to join the fight against discrimination, violence, arranged child marriages and other forms of oppression which girls face on a daily basis, and to ensure that all girls, i.e. all children in every part of the world have a peaceful and happy childhood.

A few days ago, we started building the second house of our student residence complex in the Nawinda mission in Zambia, which will house 50 high school girls. The boys’ house was completed and opened last year.…/zavrsena-kuca-za-djecake…/

We sincerely thank everyone who follows and supports the activities of the Heart for Zambia Foundation.

We want to provide access to education and the opportunity for a peaceful and happy childhood to children in Zambia’s poorest areas.