In Namibia, in the city of Katima Mulilo, near the Zambian border, I visited Dr. Linus, whom I helped with his PhD thesis while he was studying in Europe. Dr. Linus now teaches pedagogy courses at UNAM – University of Namibia in Katima Mulilo. His students wanted to know not only what Dr. Linus was like as a student, but also what our educational system was like, what the students and professors were like…

Although our standard of living is supposed to be higher, an assistant professor’s salary in this country is several hundred euros higher than in Croatia. 

Namibia is a South African country with well-developed infrastructure (it was formerly a German colony), where every Westerner feels almost at home.

Namibia covers an area of approximately 825 thousand square kilometres along the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia is also the world’s second least populated country (after Mongolia), with a population of only 2 million people.