My 20-day stay in the Nawinda mission has ended. I have returned to the Njoko mission, to the zone of internet, albeit very slow internet. It is difficult to describe in a single post what I have experienced and to express what I am feeling. I promise then to post a description and photographs of each place I visited after I return to Croatia. In short, I have travelled hundreds of kilometres, visited many remote and poor villages, where I celebrated mass and performed christening (86) and marriage (4) ceremonies. All in the Silozi language, of course. I have met hundreds of wonderful people and children. I have lived with them, prayed with them, eaten with them, danced with them, spent the night in their villages… These people have nothing, in the material sense: no power, no plumbing, no internet, no phones, no blankets, no clothes… Their houses are made of mud covered with straw, they mainly eat white cornmeal, they sleep on dirt floor… Most of them are illiterate. A large number of children will not be able to go to school. The children have no toys, they are lucky if they have an item of clothing. In spite of all that, never have I encountered so much human kindness, joy, virtue, honesty, friendliness and empathy… These people, especially children, need our help and our love. In these villages, there is no violence, crime, drugs, theft, alcohol… and we believe that they are the uncivilized ones. It is difficult for me to understand how the so-called civilized man of the 21st century, who does not know what to do with the abundance of things at his disposal, sleeps at night knowing that millions of people live in abject poverty. I am currently in the Njoko mission, where our missionary Boris Dabo lives; in addition to Njoko and Nawinda, he leads the Maziba mission as well. Father Boris has been in Zambia for 35 years. Along with evangelization, he helps these kind people in various different ways. He has helped build dozens of churches, hospitals and schools, made it possible for thousands of children to get an education… All with the help of good people from Croatia and all over the world. Dear father, hats off to you! Namilata kaufela mina! Nalata Nawinda. Nikataha silimo sesi taha. Luka bonana!