Zambia lecture for sociology teachers


A teacher must be an expert in his field, knowing what to teach the students and how to teach it. He must also be an expert in education in general, which means he must know what education represents and how to act educationally, because there is no good future without good education, and there is no good education without a good teacher, so, therefore, there is no good future without a good teacher. “Teaching is a lot easier than education. To teach, you need to know something. To educate, you need to be somebody.” / A. Stifter/ A solid education is the cornerstone for a bright future, and teachers are the catalysts for all educational and societal reforms. For this to be true, teachers must constantly and thoroughly educate themselves.

Today, at the professional conference “Problems and Changes in Modern Society”, organized for sociology teachers, I gave an interactive presentation titled “Children of Zambia Need Our Love and Kindness”. Thank you to our teachers for “conscientiously and proudly performing their duties, because their students are not just students to them, but also their children; because they never forget that they share responsibility for their students’ destiny, and because they uphold the honour and dignity of the teaching profession.”/From the Socratic Oath for Educators/

Dear colleagues, thank you for your concern, empathy, compassion, love, closeness, and kindness for Zambia’s impoverished children who don’t have access to education.