Vrsi Elementary School hosts a lecture on Zambia

Today, at “Petar Zoranić” elementary school in Vrsi, I shared my Zambian experiences with the students and their teachers and parents. Teachers Željana Popić and Iva Maras devised an entire project on the subject “Children in Zambia Need Our Love and Kindness”. The project outcomes are building the children’s empathy, solidarity, teaching them acceptance of others, especially those that are different in any way and encouraging them to help their underprivileged peers attend school…

Children of all ages (from first to eighth grade) listened to my lecture intently and participated in the conversation for two full school classes without complaining… The children demonstrated exceptional sensitivity for their peers’ hardships: extreme poverty, hunger, inability to attend school… Children are a blessing and the future of this world.

I’d like to thank the acting headmistress, Kata Knežević, and teacher Željana Popić for inviting me and allowing me to speak to our young ones on this subject. Luitumezi! Namilata kaufela mina!