We Rotarians are proud of our humanitarian sensibility… Tonight, I gave a lecture “Children of Zambia Need Our Love and Kindness” at Zagreb International Rotary Club. Not only did my Rotary friends pay close attention to the presentation and listened intently and emphatically about the life in impoverished Zambia, but they also raised funds to cover the annual costs of one teacher (HRK 5000) and paid for 11 sponsorships (EUR 1100), i.e., they are sponsoring the education of 11 high school students (annual costs of one high school student are EUR 100 – for accommodation, tuition, and food). RC International, you are the greatest! Luitumezi (thank you) from the bottom of my heart! Namilata kaufela mina (I love you)! 

When we wash another, bandage his wounds, take his hands… we are on the path to happiness. When we don’t abandon anyone in need, when we make it a point to wipe at least one person’s tears, when we don’t close our eyes to those who need our help, when we don’t cover our ears before their sobs, when we don’t believe we are alone in the world… 

“Rotarians believe it’s possible to achieve what every man longs for”. (Paul P. Harris)