Everyone can understand and accept Jesus, no matter what religion they belong to or don’t belong to. Jesus is equal to us in everything: small as a child, humble as those least important in this world, growing up in the secrecy of the human family, feeling and suffering all human fears, coldness, exile, hatred, poverty and contempt, betrayal, condemnation and death… He did not proclaim God to us as a giver of power, nor did he point us to an impossible path to Him. His speech was and always will be the speech of truth, understandable to anyone who wants to hear it. His speech is reduced to only two commandments, or perhaps more precisely, just to one, and that is: LOVE! Loving every human being allows us to love God himself. If we don’t do this, we haven’t really understood his message. We cannot invoke God unless this commandment of Jesus represents to us a clear personal basis, a starting point and a light on the path of our lives. 

Those who recognize Jesus in Christmas go in search of the lost, they raise the fallen, feed the hungry, and free the oppressed… Christmas is always a time when we love without reservations, when we try to bring peace where there is conflict, when we build bridges across chasms, and when we admit we need other people. Christmas is always a time when we shine the light of truth into the darkness of evil, when we console the bereaved, when we help the poor, and when we raise the tired. Christmas is always a time when we want to be small and inconspicuous in our relationship with Jesus.

Wishing everyone a merry and blessed Christmas!