SIXTH WORLD DAY OF THE POOR – 13 November 2022

According to UNICEF, one billion children currently live in “multidimensional poverty”, that is without basic access to education, health care, shelter, food, sanitation, or water, the agency also estimates that 153 million children are orphans. “Every marginalized child living without schooling, without a family, without health care, is a cry, a cry that rises up to God and shames the system that we adults have built. An abandoned child is our fault! “We can no longer allow them to feel alone and abandoned, they are entitled to an education and to feel the love of a family…” /Pope Francis, November prayer intention/ “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” /Nelson Mandela/ We sincerely thank everyone who follows and supports the activities of the Heart for Zambia Foundation. We want to provide access to education and the opportunity for a peaceful and happy childhood to children in Zambia’s poorest areas. „Where the poor are concerned, it is not talk that matters; what matters is rolling up our sleeves and putting our faith into practice through a direct involvement, one that cannot be delegated. No one must say that they cannot be close to the poor because their own lifestyle demands more attention to other areas. This is an excuse commonly heard in academic, business or professional, and even ecclesial circles… None of us can think we are exempt from concern for the poor and for social justice. Solidarity is sharing the little we have with those who have nothing, so that no one will go without.” /Pope Francis, 6. World day of the poor/