No, Žabac Food Outlet did not open a store in Zambia, but their large donation enabled us to purchase beds and mattresses, as well as all of the material necessary to complete the first house of the new students’ residence in Nawinda. Žabac and Zambian children are now friends, and not only Žabac – friends of these amazing children include all of you who have participated in the Žabac project: manufacturers, suppliers, employees, customers, and many more whose help enables the project Žabac to support the most vulnerable and increase its social involvement.

This year, Žabac also made sure that every child in the remote villages of the Nawinda mission gets sweets: a candy, a lollipop, a chocolate bar… Thank you for every child’s smile and for the joy that your generosity has brought to these poor but happy and grateful children.

Thank you Croatia Airlines for allowing all the sweets and all the balls in the excess baggage to reach the children in the remote villages of the Western Province.

As a result of all of this, we are sending countless smiles from faraway Zambia to all of the children in Croatia, and to all of you, our dear friends, who help and support the Heart for Zambia Foundation in achieving its goal of improving education in this impoverished country.

We will soon begin construction of the second house of the students’ residence. Once completed, the residence will house 100 high school students – 50 girls and 50 boys.